Nicaragua Los Pinos SHG, EP Subscription

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Nicaragua Los Pinos SHG, EP


Single Origin - Hand Harvested - Ethically Traded

Flavor notes

Bright Citrus Flavors. Nicaragua Los Pinos is quite complex and has a pleasing fruit-like flavors.

The Nicaragua Los Pinos coffee is SHG (Super Hard Grade), EP (European Process), and is sourced from farms located more than 4,500 feet (1,372 meters) above sea level. The harder beans are renowned for their mature and complex flavors. The European Process is a method for hand sorting for perfect size and weight and to eliminate any defective beans. This coffee is perfect for your traditional drip coffee maker or as a pour over. The flavors will amaze you!

Coffee Story

Coffee was first brought to Nicaragua by missionaries in 1790, and initially was grown as something of a curiosity. It wasn’t until around 1840 that it gained economic significance in response to the global demand for coffee.

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100% of all coffee profits are going to The American Veterans Retreat - retreats for wounded veterans and their families

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Order Recommendation

1 bag of coffee = about 62 nine ounce cups of coffee.

If you like your coffee milder, It's better to brew the coffee strong and add hot water later!

Our Guarantee

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What They Say

"I never knew coffee at home could be this good" - Marc Holmes