Kenya AA Reserve Subscription

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Light to Medium Roast

Hand Harvested - Ethically Traded - Single Origin

Flavor notes

Kenya AA Reserve full bodied and has distinct notes of blackcurrant and fruity undertones that intensify as it cools.

Grown at elevations higher than 6,600 feet above sea level, Kenya AA Reserve is considered to be one of the world’s best coffee beans. The high growing altitudes means that the beans grow slower than at low altitudes, providing more nutrients and allowing them more time to develop their flavors and mature.

Coffee Story

Discover the best of what specialty coffees have to offer. Kenya AA Reserve coffee beans are from a micro-lot, which makes them intensely rare and special. Not only do they come from the same Kenyan farm, but they’re harvested from a very specific area within that farm that consistently produces the best grade coffee (85+ cupping score).

Our Tribe offers another layer of excellence on top of their micro-lot origin. These are Kenya AA coffee beans, which means they are among the world’s best. They are cultivated slowly at high altitudes to give the seeds plenty of time to develop flavors and mature.

Made from a micro-lot of the largest beans grown in Kenya, Kenya AA Reserve brews up a complex, fruity and bright cup.

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100% of all coffee profits are going to The American Veterans Retreat - retreats for wounded veterans and their families

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Order Recommendation

1 bag of coffee = about 62 nine ounce cups of coffee.

If you like your coffee milder, It's better to brew the coffee strong and add hot water later!

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What They Say

"I never knew coffee at home could be this good" - Marc Holmes