Ethiopian Natural Gr4 Subscription

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Medium Roast

"The Birth Place of All Coffee"

Single Origin - Hand Harvested - Ethically Traded

Flavor Notes

Enjoy the bright flavors of Brownie, Dried Cherry, Cranberry. Awaken your senses and get your buzz on with this very bright cup with fruity hints of brownie, cranberry, and cherry pie with the signature sweetness that you'd expect from Ethiopian coffee. 

This sweet, fruity coffee is farmed in the Sidamo region, at high altitudes between 4,600 and 7,200 feet, then hand sorted and sun-dried on elevated beds. Sidamo produces washed and naturally processed coffees that are incredibly popular among those who enjoy a fruity and intensely aromatic cup.

Coffee Story

Of all the coffee-producing countries, Ethiopia is perhaps the most compelling. Its fascination stems not only from the astonishing coffee it produces, but from the mystery that shrouds so much of it. The explosively fruity coffees from Ethiopia have opened the eyes of specialty coffee drinkers to the diversity of flavor that coffee has to offer.

Natural identifies the method of coffee processing that takes place at the farm level. Although natural coffee can go by several different names but it basically means the sun has done all of the processing. Although it is a simple process, it's certainly not easy. To create naturally processed coffee, hundreds of coffee cherries are spread out in the sun, which are then turned by hand to make sure they dry evenly to prevent mildew. This process can take up to four weeks to get the coffee cherries completely dry - that's a lot of turning! Natural processed coffees deliver unique and amazing flavors.

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Note: 2 cup of coffee per day = 1 bag per month. So if you drink 4 cups per day, then you want to get 2 bags of coffee per month.

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1 bag of coffee = about 62 nine ounce cups of coffee.

If you like your coffee milder, It's better to brew the coffee strong and add hot water later!

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"I never knew coffee at home could be this good" - Marc Holmes