Hi, my name is Rose.
As the founder of Going Native Coffee, I want to introduce myself so you know about me and why we care so much about what we prepare and curate Going Native Coffee.
I'm a real native girl ~ born and raised in the exotic jungle of the Philippines. I guess I’m kind of like the character Neytiri from the movie ‘Avatar’ - except I’m not blue.
Like the movie, I learned to live in harmony with the jungle, and many of its best kept secrets. Secrets and benefits from the jungle’s exotic vegetation and plants. And Coffee has many of these exotic benefits.
For as long as I can remember, our tribe has farmed and harvested the beautiful, crimson coffee cherries at their peak. I still remember being a child ~ anxiously cleaning and processing the coffee beans so our elders could roast us a small cup of the rich, flavourful dark brew.
After college, I frequently returned to the jungle to visit my tribe. On one such occasion, my Grandfather took me aside and placed a baby coffee tree in my hands and said, “In your hands is the Power, Strength, Health and Nature’s Life. Protect and grow the Coffee Bean. It is my gift to you.”
Still hearing his words, we now grow thousands of coffee trees in the rich volcanic soil of our organic farm. Because of our small successes with Going Native Coffee, we are able to curate many of the best single origin coffees from all natural, ethically traded, and organic farms.
Power, Strength, Health and Nature’s Life. From my Grandfather, thru me to you. Enjoy the benefits of our delicious coffees, and pass the benefits to a friend.
~ Rose Pasden
Founder / Jungle Girl / Medicine Man’s Granddaughter
Rose is a retired nurse, and her husband Greg is a retired US military pilot. Rose still follows her passions – volunteering in medical missions, and growing flavorful coffee.

Giving Back

100% OF OUR PROFITS GO TO CHARITIES. Because of our small successes, we are Giving Back and honoring our Veterans. This means that for every bag of coffee we sell, 100% of the profits are used for American Veterans Projects and Retreats. Our goal is to do more. We'd appreciate it if you would Join our Tribe, and Help Support this cause.

Why Us?

There are lots of coffees out there,
...But they may not be the coffee you want to drink.
I am sure we are like minded people. We value a good cup of coffee, and we believe life is too short to drink bad coffee. It’s why everything we do at Going Native Coffee is about keeping the coffee fanatic happy.
Specialty Coffees and commodity coffee & are Worlds apart.
Specialty coffees are distinctive, phenomenally clear, with crisp flavors - Like a good wine or a craft beer.
In addition, we are a Micro Batch coffee company. Our coffee beans are roasted in small batches to exact specifications. MEANING our coffee has the rich flavours and qualities that cannot be matched by many traditional, store brought brands.

Furthermore, All orders are Roasted in sunny Southern California in the Morning - Shipped Fresh in the Afternoon.

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Before I continue, can I ask you this… Have you ever eaten a piece of fruit that wasn’t ripe, or overly ripe? It’s yucky, right? And you probably want to spit it out.

We have been harvesting coffee beans for generations. We know when to pick coffee beans at their peak of perfection. Perfect coffee beans are essential for roasting delicious Premium Coffees. Knowing when to harvest coffee beans is essential. We harvest and curate coffee beans at their ripest point. The resulting tastes & superior flavors are worlds apart. 

This is our Coffee Company. Growing & Harvesting Coffee the Old Fashioned way - it tastes better & it’s the right thing to do. Support the cause - Order Today.


Artisan Roasted coffee combines the roasting of select green coffee beans, experience, and technology. Because Going Native Coffee curates only high quality coffee beans, roasted by experienced coffee roasters in a state-of-the-art micro-mill, our coffees have exquisite aromas, vibrant flavors, and characteristics that make them one of the best coffees you will ever brew at home.

Select your coffee, we'll Roast it the next morning in sunny Southern California, then ship it fresh that afternoon.


We are nothing without our reputation. Every shipment allows our integrity to shine through.

Our coffees are ethically sourced - We support Fair Trade practices.

We believe in supporting hard working, individual farmers. Through Fair Trade practices, our farmers can be financially stable. Financial stability allows them to grow and harvest only the best coffee beans. By developing, and maintaining our personal working relationships with the farmers, we are able to provide you with the best coffee beans while being responsible to the farming communities and the environment. It’s the right thing to do.


Our Monthly Coffee Subscription plan is a great introduction to Going Native Coffee, and it makes the perfect gift for your favorite coffee enthusiast. When you choose a subscription, you get fresh roasted coffee, delivered to your door when you want it - weekly, monthly - Your Choice. Never again will you reach for a bag of stale coffee off the grocery store shelf. Instead, you will open a bag of carefully chosen coffee beans that were just roasted days before they arrived in your hands. Fresh roasted coffee makes for a memorable coffee experience. Start brewing the best coffee you will ever make.

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