Indonesia Robusta AP-1 Grade-1 Extra Large Bean

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Indonesia Robusta AP-1 Grade-1 Extra Large Bean

Dark Roast

Hand Harvested - Ethically Traded - Single Origin

Flavor Notes

The extra large bean being denser and producing more flavor. It is a staggering 2.7% Caffeine! So...BEWARE! The beans are large and uniform. It has a medium body and bold strong flavor that is bittersweet, pungent, fruity, nutty with the typical earthiness of Robusta. Robusta coffee is characterized by its woody and earthy flavors. It has lower acidity and a heavier mouthfeel. The Robusta trees are high bearing and disease resistant.

Coffee Story

Coffee was not a native plant to the archipelago. In the 17th century, when Indonesia was still under Dutch occupation, the VOC brought Arabica coffee plants to Indonesia. The Dutch Colonial Government initially planted coffee around Batavia (Jakarta), and as far south as Sukabumi and Bogor. Coffee plantations were later established in East Java, Central Java, West Java, and in parts of Sumatra and Sulawesi.

The Dutch colonial government opted for the more resistant Robusta variety.. Robusta still makes up around 90% of the coffee crop in Indonesia today. Today close to 92% of coffee production is in the hands of small farmers or cooperatives.

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Order Recommendation

1 bag of coffee = about 62 nine ounce cups of coffee.

If you like your coffee milder, It's better to brew the coffee strong and add hot water later!

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"I never knew coffee at home could be this good" - Marc Holmes