Why We Love Coffee - and why a little girl from the jungle loves great coffee

Why We Love Coffee - and why a little girl from the jungle loves great coffee

Probably the most common reason why people love coffee is because they want the caffein boost to keep them awake. While others enjoy wrapping their hands around a warm aromatic brew while they socialize with friends. For me, it's different. But before I tell you why I love coffee, let me tell you more about me. I'm Rose Pasden. I'm a coffee farmer who learned coffee farming in the jungles of the Philippines. Because of my grades, I was sent off to further my education, and eventually I became a nurse, a wife, and a mommy. 

Living a family life in the city may seem nice to most, but something was calling me back to the deep jungles. No, it wasn't a telephone call from mom, but rather an instinctual feeling. Fortunately, I have an adventurous husband, so we packed a few things for our trek - to the mythical jungles of Leyte. Leyte is where I'm from, and the ancestral home of my tribe. 

Boats, 4x4s, and Lots of Hiking
24 hours later we make it to our village. We enjoy a wonderful dinner, homemade coconut wine, and lots of stories before heading to our hut for the night. The next morning I hear my grandfather's whistling, and I go out to join him by the river. He knew I would join him. He looks down at me and smiles. He puts a baby coffee plant in my hand and says, "In your hands is the Power, Strength, Health, and Nature's Life. Protect and grow the coffee bean. It is my gift to you." Today we have thousands of coffee plants where we are growing some of the world's highest scoring coffees - consistently 95% or higher. 

Who doesn't like a good cup of coffee?
I know I have had some coffee that has tasted so bad that I had to spit it out. Unfortunately, what some people drink is coffee that is not harvested properly. Lots of coffee companies just want beans. They also want cheap beans.

So what do they do?
They tell their farmers to just pick them all - some are ripe, but most are pre-ripe. Let me ask you a question. Have you ever eaten a piece of fruit that wasn't ripe. It's yucky, right? Me personally, I don't want to even put it in my mouth. 

Great Coffee Beans Make Great Coffee
I was only taught to pick the coffee when it was perfectly ripe - bright red and  it feels good. If it looks good, and it feels good, then it will taste good. This is why great coffee beans make great coffee.

Carrying on Tradition for Today's and Tomorrow's Coffee Lovers
A great coffee is like a great wine, or a craft beer. It has aroma, flavors, and body that is beyond any other. Because I grew up growing coffee, I know what it takes to make a great tasting coffee - and I want to share it with the World, and we want to keep it going for future coffee drinkers. This is why we proudly grow, support and curate Ethically Traded coffee - so farmers around the world will continue to grow and harvest coffee the consistently scores 95% or higher. 

Our coffee tastes better, it's more flavorful, and I think I'm worth the extra effort for a great cup of coffee. 

Join Us. Join our Tribe. Follow us and visit us. We are proud of what we do and the people lives that we improve. Going Native Coffee is more than coffee. It's a great tasting brew that effects lives around the world in so many positive ways. This is why I love our coffee.

I hope we get a chance to meet to share a cup of coffee and talk about life and adventures.

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Rose Pasden

Thank You for reading.  

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