Coffee Lovers' Solution to Bad Coffee - Finding that the Best Coffees are actually Exotic Coffees

Coffee Lovers' Solution to Bad Coffee - Finding that the Best Coffees are actually Exotic Coffees
Rose and I like good coffee. Unfortunately, the coffee that is primarily sold around  these islands is instant coffee or coffee that is so bad, that I would rather spit it out than drink it. So what do coffee lovers do when they can't buy a good coffee from the market? The answer was simple. We started our own coffee farm. 

Fortunately for me, Rose's family has been growing coffee for generations... and Rose has a huge family. Dozens of aunts and uncles and hundreds of cousins. This came in handy because we were able to curate coffee from their farms and friends farms from around the country and around the globe. 

What Rose showed me is that coffee beans need to be harvested when they look and feel ripe. "If they look and feel good, then your coffee will taste good."

How is this different from other commercial coffees from around the world?
Many commercial coffee companies tell the farmers to just strip every single bean from the coffee plant - be it ripe or unripe. This means that the coffee is not going to taste as good as it should. Rose says, "It's like comparing a hotdog to a steak."

Next is the precision roasting process
Since we only want excellent roasted coffee beans, we knew we needed precise coffee roasting. Fortunately we have friends in sunny southern California who are artisans and only use state-of-the-art microbat coffee roasting equipment that maximizes the roasted flavors and aromas. (They even look and dress like surgeons).

Guaranteed Freshness
When we receive your order, your coffee is roasted in the morning and shipped that afternoon. We want to ensure you never have to reach for a stale bag of coffee again. 

Our Goals
1. Make really good coffee
2. Support the coffee growers & harvesters so that we have really great coffee today and for future coffee lovers
Our goals are focussed on the coffee lovers and the coffee growers - not about corporate profits and company stock.
​Taking care of people - who love coffee from start to finish -  is our primary focus. 

Boasting on our Roasting
Our coffee consistently scores in the top 95% or better. What this means is that our customers are enjoying high quality, excellent coffee. Just the way we like it. 

If you want to be a part of our Coffee Tribe of coffee lovers, then:
1. Try some of our exotic single origin and blend coffees,
2. Let others know about Going Native Coffee Club.

Thank You
Greg & Rose (coffee lovers with a heart)

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