Coffee Fundraisers - Coffee Fundraising is a Great Way to Raise Money for Your Group

Coffee Fundraisers - Coffee Fundraising is a Great Way to Raise Money for Your Group

Coffee is one of the best selling products on the planet. FACT - next to water, coffee is the most common beverage in every household in the USA (2018 data). If you have any doubt walk the streets of nearly any American city and see how many coffee shops you find. There are corners in NYC where people are packed into competing shops coffee across the street from each other buying their favorite coffee, espresso or cappuccino. 

This is why coffee is one of the perfect fundraising ideas.

Coffee Fundraising - An Opportunity Worth A Look

* Most American adults drink coffee - so your market is huge

* Brand Name Coffee - Grades consistently 95% or higher - Premium Coffee

* Our coffee is roasted daily and shipped that afternoon - Guaranteed Fresh

* Each 12oz bag makes = about 62 big nine ounce cups of coffee

* Our coffee fundraiser costs nothing to start

* We DO NOT ARTIFICIALLY RAISE THE PRICE OF THE COFFEE for Fundraisers - Over-inflated pricing is not Fair, it's not honest,  and It's not right for your supporters

* Supporters purchase a bag once (the funds comes in once)

* Supporters purchase a coffee subscription (the funds come in every month)

* Average Sale - $52.37/order (money to fundraiser ~ $10.474.
If they get a coffee subscription, then $10.474 could come in every month from this 1 supporter). 

* Imagine what your earning potential can be EVERY MONTH if you have 100, or 1000 supporters!

Below we will review the benefits and details of coffee fundraisers.

Coffee Fundraisers - Sell Products People Already Buy

Coffee is a great way for your group to raise the money it needs by selling a product that people purchase on a regular basis.

There are 2 types of coffee fundraisers

  • The Traditional Fundraising Program consists of pre selling coffee using free brochures. We will provide each member of your group a brochure, order form and cash collection envelope. They use those sales materials to take orders and collect payment. At the end of your sale you collect the order forms and cash and then, after tallying the order, you place your bulk coffee order.
  • "The Best Fundraising Program" combines on-line, social media & direct marketing. Do you anyone who uses Facebook, e-mail, Twitter? If you do, then you already have an audience who can support your group.

How does it work?
1. We provide your fundraiser with one of our custom website addresses (example: 
2. Your supporters are introduced to your fundraiser (by social media, e-mail, personal contact). 
3. When people go to the website you provide them, and make  coffee purchases, then your fundraiser account is automatically credited.
NOTE: All sales are tracked via tracking software called Refersion to ensure your fundraiser get the funds you raised. 

Ask Us for Our Favorite Tips on Instantly
Getting a Larger Fundraiser Audience to Support Your Cause

No Upfront Cost Coffee Fundraiser

Our coffee is roasted locally in sunny southern California when the orders are received in the morning, then packed and shipped that afternoon - this guarantees that your supporters are getting the freshest coffee possible. The flavor line up is outstanding favorites like Breakfast Blend, Bali Blue Moon, 6 Bean Espresso Blend, and many more. 

All of our coffees are naturally flavored, so there is no artificial flavoring, and they are 100% Pure Exotic Coffee. 

Each bag of coffee = about 62 nine ounce cups of coffee.

Our coffee prices are very competitively priced. We do this so that your supporters are not paying an artificial price to support your program. We think it's the Fairest and most Honest way to treat supporters. 

Funds to Your Program

* If Supporters purchase a bag of coffee once (the funds comes in once)

* If Supporters purchase a coffee subscription (the funds come in every month for as long as they keep the subscription. Subscriptions automatically renew.)

Your organization will receive 20% of the funds from the sale of all coffee (gift cards do not qualify for this program). Funds are remitted to the fund raising director by PayPal on the 5th of the following month. 

So if you want a no risk coffee fundraiser contact us at